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Revealing society's problems to generate solutions

The book INTERNET 2025 includes a scenario on the future of the film industry. This scenario paints the portrait of an organization called that, in 2025, produces almost as many films as all the major Hollywood studios combined. The curtain has come down on Hollywood's former monopoly, because, now, film lovers have the power to decide what films will be made through small investments of $5 and up in productions of their choice.

Since the book's publication in 2003, this scenario has evolved. has morphed into, a media cooperative whose goal is to find solutions to some of the serious problems facing the world today.

The idea behind this cooperative is to obtain financing for the production of feature films, documentaries, and Internet services that deal with today's hot topics: global warming, military spending, poverty, new energy sources, obesity, the decline of journalism, education, the waste of natural resources, pollution, economic and political scandals, potable water, labour exploitation, nuclear weapons, and equal rights for women, and other issues.

Raising consciousness

The mission of will be to raise awareness of the major issues facing society, with the goal of sparking discussions on possible solutions to these problems. will be a central clearinghouse of high-quality information on all these important issues.

The trend is already well-established. Since 2004, the production company has been making socially responsible feature films and documentaries. Founded by Jeff Skoll, the co-founder of eBay, this organization proves each year the viability of financing intelligent film projects dealing with topical and meaningful political and social issues.

Among others, has produced the documentaries An Inconvenient Truth about former U.S. vice-president Al Gore's campaign to educate people about global warming, Climate of Change, Food, Inc., and award-winning feature films including Fair Game, Syriana and Good night and good luck.

In recent years, a number of documentary film producers have successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the Internet to finance productions, including such films as Irak for sale : The war profiteers by Robert Greenwald.

President Obama blazed the trail

The theory underpinning the potential success of has its roots in the 2008 U.S. election campaign, when President Barak Obama was able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in small online donations of between $5 and $25.

These donations were spurred by passion and people's desire for change.

During the campaign, appeals for money were always linked to specific initiatives in various States.

It is this same passion and desire for change in society that will be the basis for investments in projects. is also a virtual community that will participate actively in the promotion of films and online services, and also of social action within these respective communities, via social networks.

The current North American and European social context makes this an ideal time to launch Net² Evolution presently lacks the time and resources to push the project as much as it should. We will be approaching potential collaborators in the coming months.

Please keep me informed by email about developments in the project.

Internet 2025 Chapter 2


The end of Hollywood's monopoly

The initial idea for this project is described in the future scenario for the cinema industry, traced in the book INTERNET 2025.

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