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Increasing the value of online advertising

The book INTERNET 2025 describes a future scenario for the Internet advertising industry. It depicts an organization that is responsible for managing a global clearinghouse of consumer profiles.

The organization's goal is twofold: First and foremost, to protect citizens' privacy, and, second, to substantially increase the value of targeted advertising on the Internet in order, among other things, to be able to properly remunerate journalists.

With, neither advertisers nor content producers ever have access to consumer profiles. With a level of security to rival Fort Knox, this database was designed in collaboration with citizen protection agencies in developed countries.

Advertising corresponds to consumer profiles

The increased value of advertising it offers would also be perceived by the Internet user, because it is more pertinent, more targeted. Web visitors manage their own consumer profiles in the system, determining the level of criteria they wish to provide or not. Specific users, such as parents of young children, wine lovers, or tennis enthusiasts, receive offers that correspond directly to their interests.

Internet users also have the option of indicating the category of publicity, and even specific advertisers, from which they do not wish to receive messages.

Content producers' revenue will grow because advertisers are able to reach consumers with specific profiles who reside in a targeted area. For instance, a small local shopkeeper could reach potential customers who fit profiles x, y, and z, and live within 5 km of his business. This is not possible on the Web today.

Greater respect for privacy

In 2011, the need to create an organization like is greater than ever. It goes against the current trend in the advertising world, where personal information on anyone using the Web is collected without their knowledge as they surf the Net.

Net² Evolution is currently working with digital advertising experts finalize the business model for

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Internet 2025 Chapter 4


New strategies to reach better informed consumers

The original idea for protecting consumers' privacy in Internet advertising is described in a future scenario that can be found in chapter 4 of the book INTERNET 2025.

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