Quebec's Consumer Protection Office Preview of Quebec's Consumer Protection Office

Project steps

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Internet strategy and design
  • Concept prototype and user testing
  • Functional specifications
  • Copywriting and revision
  • Implementation - content manager
  • Launch of the new website
  • Launch of smart phone services

Projected launch dates: to be confirmed by Quebec's Office de la protection du consommateur

Helping consumers make informed decisions

Net² Evolution is currently helping Quebec's Office de la protection du consommateur (OPC) – Consumer Protection Office - design and develop its new website.

The design stage was completed internally by OPC employees, in collaboration with independent experts, using Net² Evolution's development methodology.

The goal is to use the exponential power of the Internet to inform consumers and help them make better decisions.

Representatives from the various departments and divisions of the OPC were actively involved in developing the design for the new website. The project includes determining new roles and responsibilities, as well as establishing new processes for developing the website's content.

The concept prototype of the new website was tested with real users at the beginning of October 2011. The production and copywriting for the entire website should take a few months to complete.

Informing consumers at points of purchase

In phase two, information from the website will be adapted for transmission to smart phones. In this way, the service will become a decision support system for consumers at points of purchase. A world premiere.

The date for the 2012 launch of the new website will be announced by the OPC in the coming months.

Please keep me informed by email about developments in the Quebec's Consumer Protection Office project

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