Net² Evolution inc.

Net² Evolution Inc. was founded in 2002 by Jean Lanoix to create and develop Internet services that benefit society.

The company’s original mission was to realize the Internet projects described in future scenarios depicted in the book INTERNET 2025.

Since 2006, Net² Evolution Inc. has also been helping public to private organizations develop socially relevant Internet services. For example, Net² Evolution is currently assisting Quebec’s Office de la Protection du consommateur o design and develop its new Internet site and smart phone information service.

Net² Evolution uses a proven collaborative approach to designing Internet services. This creative process stimulates the imagination of the specialists involved and generates innovative solutions.

Net² Evolution is presently devoting many of its resources to the development of three projects described in INTERNET 2025.

A project in four stages to help people in developed countries and around the world eat better.

This organization’s goal is to protect the privacy of Internet users while substantially increasing the advertising revenue of content producers in the digital age.

In INTERNET 2025. this project had initially been christened will invite the public to finance feature films, documentary films, and Internet services whose goals are to generate solutions to the serious problems facing the planet.

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