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Project steps - Phase 1

  • Completed
  • In progress
  • Recruitment of the multidisciplinary team and partners
  • Financing – Development phase
  • Concept prototype and user testing
  • Functional specifications and business plan
  • Financing – Production phase
  • Financing – Marketing

Projected launch date: September 2012

Making life easier for people who want to eat well

This project is being developed in collaboration with:

  • A team of nutrition experts from Université Laval, led by Angelo Tremblay. Dr. Tremblay's group is internationally recognized for its research into obesity, physiology, and nutrition.
  • Dietitians of Canada, providing nutrition expertise of its members and solid experience in online nutrition education and nutrition database systems. is a project in four phases that aims to implement the future scenario for health services in Canada described in the book INTERNET 2025 (INTERNET 2025: The importance of imagining the future). The first phase of the project has received a development grant from the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

The first phase consists of using the Internet to make life easier for people who want to eat well. A team of 15 experts from a variety of disciplines contributed to developing a concept called The goal of this Internet service—the only one of its kind in the world—is to help people in developed countries eat better. Due to strategic investment reasons, we cannot divulge more details at present.

Teaching young people to cook

The second phase of the project will be to develop an Internet concept to teach the culinary arts in high schools across Canada and the United States.

Phase three will establish a collaborative Internet network to support the teaching of better nutrition and preventive measures in disadvantaged countries. This undertaking will be carried out in collaboration with organizations currently working in the world's poorest countries.

Phase four will see the development of a decision support system to be deployed via smart phones to provide information to consumers in grocery stores.

Please keep me informed by email about developments in the project.

Internet 2025 Chapter 2


The starting point for improving health services

The initial idea for this project is described in the future scenario for health services in Canada, traced in the book INTERNET 2025.

Learn more about the book »

Inforoute Santé du Canada


This chapter of the book is published in the original document of the blueprint and road map of the Canada Health Infoway project, the Electronic Health Record (EHRS) Blueprint, published in 2006.

Consult the document.
The chapter begins on page 313.